Working On Your Resume

Even if research isn’t required for a med school application it tells me that you have learned something very critical about how to think when you write about your research experience they’re going to ask you how are they relevant in preparing you for your professional or graduate degree now maybe you’ve done basic science research maybe you did clinical science public health community based participatory all of this is good one of the rules in writing these is you never say anything negative you don’t say I did basic science I didn’t like it therefore I didn’t like clinical science there for all of this contributed to your education so you just move on you did basic science clinical public health and instead you say I sampled all of these to have an overview not I didn’t like something that’s not the way you want to do it so again. Read more articles on the topic at Robotdon.

So many students say I did research this was the title of my poster I got to go to San Antonio to a meeting think about that that tells me absolutely nothing about your preparedness for graduate school and if you just say I really want to be a scientist if you take that approach your to asking them to just believe you to take your word for it okay so what you want to do is talk about your research in such a rich manner that it demonstrates your thinking your problem-solving etc and it demonstrates these attributes you give them the data and you let them draw the conclusion not I’m very well prepared this is what I’ve done not I know how to troubleshoot show me in the way you describe your science so everybody on the admissions committee is really really smart they’re scientists give them the data let them draw your conclusion they’re not just willing to take your word without any day to convince them so how to start here is I have produced a polished cv curriculum vita or a hybrid not all of you know.

What a curriculums vita is a resume is a document that summarizes relevant job experience in education officially resumes are considered one to two pages there are summaries if you submit some resume to something you don’t get hired on basis of that summary your interview they collect more information a curriculum vita is a complete summation of your professional life okay it has no page limit and I have my freshman and my sophomores create curriculum Vedas and then what they have to do is tell me what do you want on that by the time you graduate so you’ve planned your CV with foresight not hindsight right now you may have a resume it’s going to change in parallel with your advancement through your educational system and you’re going to end up with a curriculum vita right now you may have in college you may have a section on relevant coursework something like that which you may or may not take off later ah you are going to have things maybe your freshman sophomore year that you did in high school but by your junior year all of that comes off because you will have done much more important things and high school was long in the past nine.

Essay Preparation Processes

I would advise you to move about this preparation very smartly I am sure all of you know that the processes are earlier this year than they were previously so which means by the end of January your interview processes are likely to start and at least at some of the im’s okay so therefore for all intents and purposes we have to work with about 20 to 25 days of preparation so you have about 20-25 days of preparation maximum one month before you are supposed to go for the interviews and the processes now within this 2025 days you can’t probably prepare for everything current affairs is a vast ocean it would be very difficult to tell you to prepare for everything in this limited time so please be very smart I would advise you to work reverse chronologically in the sense prepare all the current affairs which are currently hot topics first.

So prepare the current topics of discussion current topics of importance first and then move backwards ok when you prepare a topic don’t just read one article or one blog on that particular topic when you take up a topic for example you take a privatization of railways ok now when you do that start by reading a lot of blogs a lot of opinion based articles a lot of amateur as well as professional writers opinions on privatization find out what is the NDA Edusson nz government’s view on the privatization of railways find out what are the statistics related to privatization what is the total revenue of thing of the railway the rail Indian Railways what is the revenue coming in from the passenger railways as well as coming in from the non passenger side so find out a lot of things ready to opinions get it to current status as well as ready to statistics.

So then you’ve covered one topic and then you move on to the next so similarly you keep on doing this don’t just read one article so when you pick up one topic try to analyze it thoroughly try to gain content deeply about it before you move on so similarly in the next 20 days if you can cover 30 to 40 such current affairs I think you’ll have a good base to go for an interview so approximately 2 car sets of current events a day so which means an hour to each maybe 2 hours a day if you can evaluate to your content it will help you in your essay as well as a GED as well as your pee ice so please guys be very smart on your preparation don’t just go out in the haphazard way content is something which is paramount okay the second parameter of evaluation in an essay is your written communication skills which means your writing ability simply put so how you write your grammar your commas and full stops you have punctuation your spelling mistakes your handwriting a lot of us don’t have very beautiful handwriting it’s a fact.

The non-fiction story “Three cups of tea” by essay writers

A Pencil Is Stronger Than a Gun His father died when he was 48 years old, his sister had contracted acute meningitis, and he suffered from a lack of money; this is a description of the early parts of Greg Mortenson’s life. Three Cups of Tea, the non-fiction story, shows how this ordinary person conveys important message to people around the world through building schools in Pakistan. Why did Greg Mortenson choose the school as the medium for his message? He believes that education will not only change Pakistani children’s view of life, but it will be the way to eventually get rid of terrorism.

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When Greg Mortenson stayed in the village of Korphe, he was impressed by the villager’s hunger for knowledge. Even though their first generations are not educated enough, they wanted to do something for their next generation’s education. One day, Haji Ali, who was Greg Mortenson’s mentor in Korphe, said “I can’t read anything. This is the greatest sadness in my life. I’ll do anything so the children of my village never have to know this feeling. I’ll pay any price so they have the education they deserve” (Mortenson and Relin 153). Haji Ali already knew that education is the most essential thing to live a better life. Greg Mortenson also realized what he had to do for the rest of his life: it was building schools in a Pakistani village; and he truly believed that the education from the schools would change the Pakistani children’s view of life. This significant change would give the children reasons to live rather than only to die, committing terroristic attacks. Greg Mortenson said “If we try to resolve terrorism with military might and nothing else, then we will be no safer than we were before 9/11. If we truly want a legacy of peace for our children, we need to understand that this is a war that will ultimately be won with books, not with bombs”(301). In other words, Mortenson thought that schools and universal literacy were the most effective way to cure terrorism. Greg Mortenson’s heroic achievement started from accidental promise in the small village. However, this promise has now changed his life. His messages about school and education are deeply impressed in people’s hearts all around the world. Bombs would cause physical pain to people, but it would not change their mind. Instead, it more strongly triggers opposite feelings. To cut this vicious circle, Greg Mortenson chooses the school. He wanted to educate children and give them a bright future. He is still building the school even at this moment to prove his choice was right. Works Cited Mortenson, Greg, and David Oliver Relin. Three Cups of Tea. Newyork: Penguin, 2007.

The Godfather by: Mario Puzo Book Review

As the Corleones become engaged in a mob war against four of the other five major crime families of New York, Michael against his intent finds himself succeeding Vito as head of the Corleone Family. The story begins at Connie Corleone’s wedding to Carlo Rizzi at which her father (Vito), Tom Hagen (the soon-to-be Consigliere), and Santino Corleone (Vito’s oldest son and the Underboss) are attending to the family business upstairs.

Michael arrives with his girl friend Kay Adams (a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant), and during the festivities Michael explains to Kay about his family and their involvement in organized crime and how he’s not like them and wants to live a legitimate life. Unlike Tom, who is an adopted son, and Fredo and Santino who are both biological sons of Vito, Michael is treated as a civilian by the mob world as a result of his refusal to be involved in the family business.

Soon afterwards, Vito refuses to involve the Corleone Family in the finance and protection of a drug smuggling operation headed by Virgil “The Turk” Sollozzo who is backed by the Barzini and Tattaglia Families. This launches the family into a mob war as Vito’s best soldier, Luca Brasi, is murdered and an attempt to assassinate Vito are carried out by Sollozzo’s men. Vito survives the attempt but is badly hurt and as a result, Sonny temporarily takes control of the family.

While visiting Vito in the hospital, Michael discovers that the guards who were hired to protect his father were not there and he was thus vulnerable to another assassination attempt. Following this, we learn that all Michael wants is to be out, to live his own life, but he also realizes his obligation to the family while Vito is incapacitated. For the first time, out of concern for his father and family, he takes what amounts to involvement in the family business as he stands outside the hospital with one of his father’s friends pretending to be a guard holding a gun in order to scare-off the would be assassins until Sonny and Tom send help.

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He then grills a crooked cop named McCluskey about the reasons why his father is left unguarded, and McCluskey punches him smashing one side of his face. Luckily for both Michael and Vito, it is then that Tom arrives with men to guard Vito and is able to take care of a now unconscious Michael as well as use his legal expertise to thwart McCluskey’s efforts against the family for the night. It is revealed that McCluskey works for Sollozzo using his position as a Police Captain to aid Sollozzo’s drug rackets as well as serving as Sollozzo’s personal bodyguard.

After a discussion with the higher ranking members of the family, it’s decided that for the safety of Vito and for the good of the family (and the family business), Michael would have to kill Sollozzo and McCluskey. He arranges to meet McCluskey and Sollozzo at a small Italian Restaurant to negotiate a peace. At the meeting, the Corleone family plants a gun in the bathroom which Michael uses to kill both men. He then flees to Sicily, wear Vito was born, where he hides with Vito’s associate Don Tommasino.

A mob war begins in New York between the Corleones and the other four of the five families, primarily the Barzini and Tattaglia families. While Michael is still in Sicily, Santino is killed. Vito, though for the most part recovered, rises from his sick bed to reassume head of the family. He calls together the heads of the major mob families. There he compromises and makes the peace, swearing of vengeance for Sonny’s murder on the condition that Michael is allowed to return to New York unharmed. As Sonny is dead, Vito is old, Freddie is incompetent, and Tom Hagen is adopted and not Sicilian, Michael assumes the head of the Corleone Family.

Картинки по запросу The Godfather

Though succession isn’t necessarily by family lines, Michael had already gotten involved in the business when he killed Sollozzo. Following his excursion to Italy, he gained a greater understanding of his father and a different opinion of the criminal activities of the family business. He feels an obligation to his father and to the family and easily the most adept to take over the family. He admires his father and takes over the business for what it offers, respect and power. But he disdains it for what it doesn’t offer legitimacy.

Michael’s one great goal is to legitimize the Corleone Family Business. When he proposes to Kay, he says that he intends to legitimize the family business within 5 years. Vito Corleone semi-retires and acts as his son’s Consigliere. During that time they plan to abandon the family’s holdings in New York (handing them over to their Caporegimes, Tessio and Clemenza) and move the family operations to Nevada and start getting into the gambling and hotel business. When Vito dies, it is perceived that the Corleone Family’s power died with it as Michael is perceived weak.

However in a brilliant plan he kills Tattaglia and Barzini as well as traitors within the Corleone family such as the Caporegime Tessio and his own brother-in-law, Carol Rizzi. Following this move, he solidifies his power as head of the Corleone Family, and the power of the Corleone Family as the most powerful family in New York and possibly the nation. But with this move, as you see him being greeted by his followers as Don Michael Corleone, you realize that he has lost his conflict. Throughout the novel, Vito seems at peace with his role as Don, it seems the opposite for Michael.

Orininally he is burdened by his family’s involvement in crime and in the very end he finds himself burdened by his role as Don. He has betrayed one of his basic natures, for the other. Rather than forging a destiny for himself away from the family business, he forges a destiny for himself that he never wanted, following his father as head of the Corleone Crime Family. 4. The protagonist of The Godfather is Michael Corleone. He is described as having straight jet black hair, an olive-brown skin tone, and a “delicate” handsomeness.

Puzo describes Michael as having “all the quiet force and intelligence of his great father, the born instinct to act in such a way that men had no recourse to respect him. ” Though the most obvious character trait about Michael is his ruthlessness, as exemplified of his ability to kill anyone in cold blood if it’s justifiable and his insatiable thirst for vengeance, Michael has various other traits that when combined with his ruthlessness makes him a formidable force. Michael is incredibly intelligent. Nothing exemplifies this more than the beauty of the plan that he executes at the end of the book.

In order to gain the respect he needed to be Don and to consolidate the power of the Corleone Crime Family following his father’s death, Michael and Vito devise an ingenious plan to put into action. In order to consolidate his power and make his bones as a Don, Michael ordered a series of calculated killings: Moe Greene the casino owner who stood in the family’s way of establishing its business holdings in Nevada, Barzini and Tattaglia the heads of the two families who were their greatest rivals in New York, Salvatore Tessio, Carlo Rizzi, and Fabrizzio who had all committed treachery against the Corleone Family.

In the chaos that followed Michael was able unleash the regimes of his capos, Rocco Lampone and Pete Clemenza upon the infiltrators of the Corleone domains. In one fell swoop, he re-established the Corleone family as the most powerful crime family in New York and possibly the nation, solidified his position as the unquestioned leader of the Corleone family, and paved the way to move the Corleone family’s business interests out west. One of the abilities that best serve Michael as Don is his decisiveness.

Michael has a unique ability to think clearly under fire, make sound decisions and stick by them. Nowhere is this more evident than in the crisis following the assassination attempt on Vito by Sollozzo. When visiting at the hospital and realizing that the lack of guards left Vito vulnerable to another attack, Michael immediately calls Sonny who gets Tom to bring men over. In the mean time, he and his father’s well wisher, Enzo the baker, fake being armed protectors of the hospital in order to ward of the assassins temporarily until help came.

Картинки по запросу The Godfather

Also, it is Michael who realizes that Sollozzo wouldn’t rest until Vito was killed. As a result, he made the decision to be the one sent to negotiate for they wouldn’t suspect them, and he made the decision to be the one to kill Sollozzo and McCluskey. This was a well thought out and decisive action. He refused to be swayed and in the end he managed to convince Tom, Sonny, and the capos to go along with the plan. In the long run, Michael being out of country would be a liability to the Corleone family, in the short run it turned out to be not only a esirable but necessary tactical move. One of Michael Corleone’s most powerful personality traits is his presence. Michael, like his father, possessed the unique presence that commanded respect from both his enemies and friends. Just like his father managed to control a fearsome monster like Luca Brasi, a man who did not fear even death, Michael was able to control his own Luca Brasi in Al Neri. The key here was his presence. His ability to make man who did not even fear death, respect and fear him.

It was not by his physical stature, power, or influence that he was able to do this, it was by his presence. His presence was essentially his ability to command a room and demand respect. This is exemplified at the very end of the book when Michael is given the respect he has earned as Don from his capos as Kay is “reminded of statues in Rome, statues of those Roman emperors of antiquity, who, by divine right, held the power of life and death over their fellow men. ” 5. The Setting: a) The Years of 1945-1955.

There are also flashbacks of Vito’s early life. b) Duration: 10 Years c) Most of the story is set in New York. However there are parts of the story set in Sicily and Nevada. d) The action occurs for the most part in New York. e) Most of the characters of the story are Sicilian-American Immigrants and have connections with the mafia, in particular the Corleone crime family. 6. The theme of the book is Don Vito’s quote, “A man only has one destiny. ” Both Vito and Michael faced the question of respect versus legitimacy.

Vito, above all things prized respect while Michael on the other hand was a proponent of legitimacy. Both Vito and Michael envisioned him with a future in the legitimate world, unburdened by the family business. However, following the assassination attempt on Vito and Michael’s subsequent involvement in the family business in the interests of his father’s welfare, he altered the course of his destiny and permanently tied it to the family business. As a result of his actions he not only becomes part of the family, but the death of Sonny and the incompetence of Fredo leads to him becoming he heir to Don Vito’s vast criminal empire. Although both he and his father had imagined him living a life in the legitimate world, fulfilling his destiny there, many had already assumed that he would be the one to succeed his father as Don even before his involvement in the family business. Michael’s one destiny was tied to his family, to its business, and to his role as Vito’s heir. Vito’s primary concern as a Don was with respect, he requires respect from everyone around him out of fear or in return for favors.

Respect forms the backbone of the social structure of a Mafia family hierarchy for it establishes power relationships and functions as part of an exchange system. Michael’s concern however is with the legitimacy of the family. He wants to be free of criminality and immorality and in the beginning he tries to do this by distancing himself by the family. However when he becomes part of the family business, he is deluded into thinking that he can legitimize the family, to turn it into an operation that does not require murder, bribery, extortion, gambling, prostitution, and drugs to make money.

The author wants the reader to understand that no matter how much power a man possesses, he cannot change his destiny for he only has one. When Michael got involved with the family business, at that moment he was destined to be associated with it and this eventually led to his ascension to head of the family. By doing this chose a destiny based on the respect that his father valued rather than the legitimacy that he valued. This is because a Mafia hierarchy is built on respect and legitimacy does not play an essential role.

Despite all his power as head of the family, it becomes clear by the end that he cannot change his destiny. The task of turning the Corleone crime family into a legitimate entity is genuinely impossible and in reality the opposite happens. As much as he tries to convince himself that he can turn the family legitimate, he becomes as illegitimate as the family. He cast his one destiny with the Corleone crime family, and despite all the power he wielded, he could not alter it. 7. Then with a profound and deeply willed desire to believe, to be heard, as she had done every day since the murder of Carlo Rizzi, she said the necessary prayers for the soul of Michael Corleone. ” This sentence is more than appropriate as the last sentence of the book, it is brilliant. With this sentence Puzo brings the book to a fitting conclusion. It marks Michael’s transformation from the beginning to the end and the fulfillment of his destiny. The book starts with him telling Kay how he wasn’t like his family and how he wasn’t like his father.

As the book progresses and out of necessity and then out of free will he gets involved with his family’s business, he becomes more and more like his father. At the very end Michael fulfills his one destiny by succeeding his father as head of the Corleone family. Not only that, but he has gone through a complete reversal from the beginning of the book when he refuses to be a man like his father as by book’s close, he is a man exactly like his father. Puzo subtly alludes to all of this with the simple act of Kay converted to Catholicism and praying for Michael’s eternal soul.

This is almost an exact correlation to earlier in the book when Kay asks Michael’s mother, Mama Corleone, why she goes to church every morning and Mama Corleone essentially says that she goes to pray for Vito’s soul to keep it from going to hell. This shows that Kay has come to terms with what Michael does for a living, has settled into her role as an Italian wife, and out of love fears for his immortal soul. Michael has become Vito. 8. The novel is based upon the workings of the mind rather than the heart. Throughout the book, the workings of the mind are stressed above the workings of the heart.

Vito always preaches that reason is the best approach to any situation. This is a philosophy that Vito uses and that Michael employs as well. To a certain extent, his proposal to Kay sounded more like a business proposal than one that was heartfelt and she needed to prompt him to show some emotion. But most importantly, one of the major themes in the book is that “It’s business, not personal. ” The way that most of the male major characters look at situations is a clear divide between the personal life and what they do as a living. They dictate their actions and words based upon what would be best for “business” purposes.

This essentially beyond being a good form of policy for an effective crime organization was also a rationale in which they would subdue their feelings of guilt with acceptable justification. 9. The character that I most associate myself with is Vito. In the book there are very few characters that I can really relate to based upon life experiences. However in views on life, I feel I most resemble Vito. I agree with a lot of what he says. I agree with his idea that there should be a distinction between business and personal matters. I also agree that above all, reason is the key to dealing with any situation.

I also identify with his manner of going about business. Vito’s plans always rather than relying on elements such as ruthlessness, rely on cunning. His intent is always to outsmart his opponents and it seems that he always manages to stay one step ahead of the competition. 10. If Michael Corleone were a girl, the novel would be completely different. In the world of the Mafia, men and women live in vastly different realms as men handle the responsibilities of business and winning the bread for the family while women tend to the home and children.

Men don’t discuss business with women and women don’t question the judgment of the men. Men can’t afford to be careless; however women are allowed to be both careless and carefree. So if Michael was a woman, he would probably be regulated to a Connie styled role. His importance business wise within the family would be dependent upon his husband but for the most part he would not play a major part in much of anything, let alone head of one of the most powerful crime families in the nation.

The Tips You Need to Write a CV

Learning how to write a CV, a good one, is absolutely imperative.  These days, if you want to get a dream job, you absolutely have to have an excellent CV to go along with your resume.  But how can you do that, especially if you are not experienced with writing one?  Actually, it is incredibly easy – especially if you adhere to the following tips.

The first step in learning to write a CV is understanding the difference between a CV and a resume.  A lot of people make the mistake of thinking they are exactly the same, but that is not at all true.  Succinctly, the difference lies in length.  Your curriculum vitae can be significantly longer, in the scheme of things, than your resume.  The latter should never exceed more than two pages; generally, one and a half pages are idea.  However, with your CV, you get to include all those important little details which can mean the difference between missing out on an interview and getting called back for one.

Knowing how to write a resume properly can really help you when it comes time to write a CV.  You see, at the most basic point, the information you put on each document is pretty much the same.  It is just the way you write that is different.  You see, resumes are generally in list form, whereas, with a CV, you get to summarize all of your professional skills and past experiences.  That includes things you may have done in high school and college which could help you fulfill the duties of a particular position.  Basically, what a potential employer wants to see on your curriculum vitae is proof that you have the necessary skills for the position to which you are applying, as well as any complementary skills.

In preparing your CV – and your resume, for that matter – you first need to put together a list of the jobs you have had in the past, including the dates of your employment.  Following that, you need to put together a list of all the qualifications you have garnered over the years.  After that, you need to put together a list of pertinent interests and hobbies.  This will make it much easier for you to match skills and hobbies with individual positions.  Mind, even playing sports or being in the marching band in high school in college can teach you excellent teamwork skills and instill a respect for deadlines.

One of the most important things you need to remember when you sit down to write a CV is that you should never, ever lie.  This is important.  No matter how tempting it may be, do not put false information on your CV or your resume.  That being said, it is okay to exaggerate a little bit.  However, telling outright lies can lead to any number of uncomfortable situations.  Hey, Robert Irvine just got fired from the Food Network for telling lies about his skills – if it can happen to a “celebrity,” it can happen to you as well.

Maximizing Your Earnings Using The Strength Of Social Media Marketing

Use social networking sites to advertise your deals in advance. You will get your target audience a longer period to take into account their buy, also to realize simply how much they may save money on your product or service. Post updates as to what is going on within your shops. Perhaps you could do swift interviews of consumers detailing whatever they bought and publish them on-line.

Use YouTube to bring in a pursuing. The training video support on YouTube can very efficiently be employed to advertise your business across many forms of social media marketing. Make video tutorials regarding your company, program, or market marketplace, and upgrade them regularly. As soon as you come up with a video, you are able to link it to your other societal websites.

Determine yourself being an professional in your sector by supporting others online and on your social media marketing profiles. This may generate a steady flow of economic if this can be accomplished. Lookup the social media marketing internet sites for anyone wondering concerns relevant to your business and offer helpful responses. As time passes this may attract consumers that you just will have not identified normally.

Tend not to publish irrelevant and trivial content on your own social media profiles.Remember to keep your blog posts expert and pertinent. No individual cares that you simply received a fresh mobile phone, or that you are standing in collection with the videos. These trivial content must be reserved for your own personal individual user profile, not your small business information.

Remember to keep your interesting when putting up and relying on social websites. There are people that will post on your own social websites web pages using the objective of causing issues. Maintain a skilled perspective and merely remove the posts. If they have a genuine worry with your business, be respectful and always have a skilled dialogue.

When figuring out how you can apply your social networking advertising and marketing tactics, you will need to take into account the type of the services and products. For instance, if acquiring your products is a thing that your main customers would prefer to help keep private, then tend not to placed Facebook or myspace-like control buttons proper next to the purchase control buttons! Eventually, a person will click on it by accident and then get angry at the company.

Possessing an effective organization on the internet can be tough. It might be hard to attract folks who would like to buy your goods and services, so you must go and look for them. Advertising and marketing with social websites may be a terrific way to do this.

Here are several efficient social websites ideas that can make you a achievement.

Don’t worry too much about creating your website ideal. Although it is important to give the individuals lots of information, don’t let the concern with imperfection stop you from getting started. Just as in several points, you will need to become familiar with a small along the way. Getting started is what is definitely significant.

Social media is considered the driving compel in the Online. The capability for users of several sites to discuss developed content material makes it simple for details to get spread out more quickly than any person might have perhaps dreamed of. If you would like to advertise by way of social networking, then check the following post for information on appropriate social websites marketing and advertising.

Agenda by essay writers: Let Go Of Identity Traps – Embrace Infinity

Identity is based on many things.  For some people it is their job.  For others it is religion, race, favorite sports team, style of music you listen to, or dietary lifestyle (like vegans).  These labels perform an important function in our everyday lives.  They filter out information that would make our brain too saturated with things we do not want.  In a world with so much information saturation, this is as important as ever.

Think of all the different traps that Republicans and Democrats fall into when they have to put together a basis for running for office, what laws they would pass and which ones they would try to abolish.  The thing is, is that when politicians are not harping at each other on public TV, they are schmoozing together and cutting deals.  This is mainly because of the rigidity they are mostly forced to portray to look like “strong minded” individuals.

The problem with identity based on an outside source (like, say, being a Steelers fan) is that the outside source can be changed at any time.  What happens if the Steelers get sold, and all of a sudden the team gets moved to Alabama or some other state, changes name and players, and only has the faintest little glimmer or what it used to be?

How would Steelers fans feel about that?  You are right in that they would probably feel an empty void that has absolutely nothing to do with them as people.  It was their choice.

Many people included experienced writers of essay I’ve read such as Steven Covey and Steve Pavlina of a principle called “true north” principles, such as service to humanity, spirituality, the quest for power, or humility as being the principles upon which you must choose to latch yourself onto.  You can internalize these principles until they become a part of you and they will then lead the direction of your life.  Think about it – if you decide that mercy is your true principle, will it not take you in the direction of liberating animals from shelters and finding them homes, making conditions better for prisoners, and organizing to feed the hungry and poor?  These are examples of things that will simply flow into your life if you choose a path of mercy.

Your idea of mercy may also change over time, unlike more rigid ideas like your birth religion and keeping traditions – they usually end up dividing more than they unite until some clever people step in and radically change things, like making a cultures unique traditions accessible to new audiences.

While I identify myself as part of the personal development community, it is far from a community with rigid doctrines and rules.  It changes all the time.  The seeking for fulfillment and quality of life are “true north” principles as they mean something different to everyone, but we all relate and search for them.  The really interesting thing is that once you realize your true north principles, much of your life will make so much more sense.

Essay writers told: “Don’t be afraid, however, to use these rigid principles in everyday life to make things more smooth.  It is not what you say, but what you do that people really notice.  That is, the people you want in your life.  Remember that Dr. Seuss quote:  “…those who mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind.”

If you are reading  essay on  this website, then anyone that would really look down on you for being a Democrat or Republican is probably not someone you would be really interested in keeping close ties to anyways.  Let go of identity traps in your mind.  Create more peace in your life by embracing the entirety of your own condition.

What is the job of the federal government

Is a federal career right for you?

Let’s go over some of the pros and positives for this career path.

– This is a big one. Federals jobs are much more stable than most positions in the private sector. Also, federal employees where their job is no longer needed at a particular agency usually get priority when applying for other comparable government jobs elsewhere.

– The federal government offers 2 retirement vehicles. Federal employees have a 401K (termed the TSP in the government) and a pension. The federal government matches up to 5% of your salary and pays 95% of the pension benefits. Government pensions are generally 30% – 40% of the highest salary you made during your federal career.

– The federal government has become much more flexible with the work day. Many agencies offer telework (work from home), flexible duty hours (for example employees can come in anytime in-between 6:30-9:30 a.m.)., credit hours (hours worked past the normal 8 and a half), travel comp hours (hours over 8 and a half on travel), and overtime pay.

– You get to make a difference and help the greater good of the public. Federal jobs can be very rewarding and make a difference for many people.

– Last but certainly not least is the sheer number of jobs or disciplines available. The federal government needs 1000’s of different types of skilled people in almost every industry you can imagine. Some examples include:

FBI agents, deck hands, doctors, quality assurance specialists, financial planners, webmasters, engineers, clericals, human resource specialists etc.

The list goes on and on.

Job Search Tips and Resources #7: Federal Government Job & Career Cons

Cons and Possible Negatives:

– Most federal jobs are straight salary. Performance bonuses exist in some agencies but are usually not substantial nor common. No matter how much more work one accomplishes as compared to someone else in the same position you will still make the same salary.

– Duty hours for government jobs are much more rigid than sales jobs. Most federal employees work a typical 9-5:30. Federal workers have an eight and a half hour workday because there is no pay for your half hour lunch.

– Most federal jobs are located around major cities and metropolitan areas. Rural jobs do exist in the government but are few.

– Salaries on average are much smaller than successful salespeople. A high GS or grade scale (government salary table) takes years to achieve. Starting salaries for employees are usually low and start at the GS-7 level which is about a 40 thousand dollar salary with a college degree.

– It is much more challenging and involved to get a federal job as compared to a sales position. The federal government typically has many applicants for one position. Even after your selection for a government position the background check and processing can take months before a start date.

– Job announcements for open positions tend to have short durations. You may only have 10 – 14 days to get all the needed paperwork and job application materials together.

– It is much more challenging to jump to another federal job in the same agency or within a different agency. As noted above there can be many applicants and a long transition period.

– At tax time the personal deductions are much less than for sales employees.

Require Help With Social Media Marketing and advertising? Read These Tips

You should push your media in various spoken languages, but don’t starting point them all from the exact same social media user profiles. Viewing all of these various different languages mashed together with each other will often confound newcomers and deliver these people to an even more user-helpful rival. Generate individual accounts for each and every expressions, and are aware of the difference between each one.

If you’re trying to get in the sociable-media- marketing entire world, you could have some questions regarding what exactly is the ideal way to get started. Don’t be concerned aid is here! Read more for many fantastic tips to build your social websites marketing and advertising successful, and have the most from it to your business.

Social media advertising is continuously becoming the most crucial media channel for entrepreneurs globally. However, provided how new social media marketing is, there are many of economic proprietors who know they should be using social websites to market their enterprise but don’t know best places to begin. This short article consists of fantastic suggestions on the way to industry employing social media.

Now that you have gained a much better comprehension of social media marketing, you can start to put into practice it to your business programs. These recommendations are certain to help you in establishing the next step when you diagram your advertising and marketing demands. Take care of yourself along with your customers on the incredible arena of social websites.

Social websites is considered the traveling push in the Internet. The capability for users of various sites to share with you created articles has made it feasible for information to become spread a lot quicker than anybody might have probably thought. If you would like to market via social networking, then check the pursuing post for information on correct social networking advertising.

Social websites accounts for replacing a great deal of how individuals interact together. Men and women log into sites like Twitter and facebook and promote written content that is certainly either produced by themselves or by somebody else. If made use of effectively, social media marketing could be an effective device for promotion. Look at the adhering to article for tips on how to use social media marketing and advertising.

When you are making use of Facebook or twitter transform it into a indicate share blog posts from other people that you want. No-one wants to think that all that you do is speak and the only views you value are your own. This may show them which you feel that what other folks have to say is essential.

You should be capable to create an attractive headline in your post. The headline may be the initially impact of the content material to the reader. You want to be able to capture their consideration and make them interested in studying the remainder from your write-up. So be sure you placed some considered into discovering an effective one particular. Check all your posts using Robot Don essay checker to avoid mistakes and plagiarism.

You are going to not have access to a very good social networking strategy unless you have a very good familiarity with your audience. You must find out what these individuals are employing social networks for, simply how much time they can be shelling out for this kind of internet site and which kind of content they would like to see.

Paul Revere: An American Patriot

His arms were firm, his wrists strong, he had a soft stomach and was medium in height. His courage unquestioned and his patriotism unmatched. Paul Revere was well-connected and well-respected among the Whigs of Boston. His New England accent was ordinary, yet his character complex. Many layers made up the man of Paul Revere. His genetics were made up of French Huguenots and English Protestants, but his blood was completely American. He was a second generation American. He was ambitious, yet loyal to a cause bigger than himself. He was a Calvinist and Freemason and was devout in both pursuits. He was a regular church goer and was master of the local Masonic lodge. He pursued his own fortune, yet kept in mind the needs of others. His Calvinism led him to be fatalistic, but his American ideals made him optimistic. He was many different things, but above all he was first and foremost an American. He was willing to take risks and risk it all on an idea that men were created equal. He had his flaws, like all men, but overcame them to become a subject of legends.

Early Life

Paul Revere grew up in Boston and attended Boston’s North Writing School when he was seven years old. The North Writing School was known for its Calvinism and strict discipline. It taught young Revere quite a bit of disciple, but he maintained his curiosity. The combination of discipline and curiosity would lead to his success in the future. He was taught that all men have two callings: one general and one specific. Generally, all men were called to serve the mission of Jesus Christ. Specifically, all men were called to a specific vocation.

Paul Revere would become a goldsmith, working primarily in silver. When he was nineteen years old his father died and Revere took over the business. He struggled at first, but through hard work he would eventually succeed. He refined his skill and lent it out to different businesses within his scope of skill. He produced copper plating, illustrations for printers (Revere would illustrate the Boston Massacre), and even false teeth, but he primarily worked within silver. Over time he gained affluence in Boston.

He married Sarah Orne in 1757 and proceeded to have eight children with her. Unfortunately, due to so many consecutive children, Sarah died in 1773 from exhaustion. Five months later Revere married Rachel Walker who was eleven years younger than him. He proceeded to have eight more children with her. He had 16 kids in all, however tragedy would strike the Revere household as it did for many in that day. Out of his sixteen children, five would die as infants and five more would die in young adulthood. He took each of their losses hard, like any father would.

The Revolutionary War Era

Paul Revere was active in the military and politics. He served in the French and Indian War as a lieutenant of artillery. After the war was over he was a member of five political groups within Boston, including the well-known “Sons of Liberty.” Through these groups he became well entrenched in Bostonian culture. Most knew him and he knew most, including many that were British. This would serve him well during his Midnight Ride.

By the time that April 18, 1775 came along, Revere was one of the most influential leaders behind the scenes. He was the “connector” of great people. When Dr. Joseph Warren learned that General Thomas Gage was on the move he sent Paul Revere and William Dawes to deliver a message to John Hancock and Samuel Adams. This ride would make him a national hero, but he did much more than that. He also mobilized the militia, other couriers and alarm systems that night. Without Revere Lexington and Concord may have been different.

Later Years

After the war Revere resumed his business while staying active in politics. He was a Federalist and disliked the policies of the Jeffersonian Democrats. He also used his influence to ratify the Federal Constitution. In business he was an innovator and had incredible foresight. He began making church bells shortly before the Second Great Awakening occurred, which he profited greatly from. He was also one of the first manufacturers of copper sheets. The sheets that he manufactured were placed on the U.S naval ship the Constitution. The old revolutionary would retire to his estate and enjoy his fifty grandchildren. There he would die in 1818.