Essay Preparation Processes

I would advise you to move about this preparation very smartly I am sure all of you know that the processes are earlier this year than they were previously so which means by the end of January your interview processes are likely to start and at least at some of the im’s okay so therefore for all intents and purposes we have to work with about 20 to 25 days of preparation so you have about 20-25 days of preparation maximum one month before you are supposed to go for the interviews and the processes now within this 2025 days you can’t probably prepare for everything current affairs is a vast ocean it would be very difficult to tell you to prepare for everything in this limited time so please be very smart I would advise you to work reverse chronologically in the sense prepare all the current affairs which are currently hot topics first.

So prepare the current topics of discussion current topics of importance first and then move backwards ok when you prepare a topic don’t just read one article or one blog on that particular topic when you take up a topic for example you take a privatization of railways ok now when you do that start by reading a lot of blogs a lot of opinion based articles a lot of amateur as well as professional writers opinions on privatization find out what is the NDA Edusson nz government’s view on the privatization of railways find out what are the statistics related to privatization what is the total revenue of thing of the railway the rail Indian Railways what is the revenue coming in from the passenger railways as well as coming in from the non passenger side so find out a lot of things ready to opinions get it to current status as well as ready to statistics.

So then you’ve covered one topic and then you move on to the next so similarly you keep on doing this don’t just read one article so when you pick up one topic try to analyze it thoroughly try to gain content deeply about it before you move on so similarly in the next 20 days if you can cover 30 to 40 such current affairs I think you’ll have a good base to go for an interview so approximately 2 car sets of current events a day so which means an hour to each maybe 2 hours a day if you can evaluate to your content it will help you in your essay as well as a GED as well as your pee ice so please guys be very smart on your preparation don’t just go out in the haphazard way content is something which is paramount okay the second parameter of evaluation in an essay is your written communication skills which means your writing ability simply put so how you write your grammar your commas and full stops you have punctuation your spelling mistakes your handwriting a lot of us don’t have very beautiful handwriting it’s a fact.