Working On Your Resume

Even if research isn’t required for a med school application it tells me that you have learned something very critical about how to think when you write about your research experience they’re going to ask you how are they relevant in preparing you for your professional or graduate degree now maybe you’ve done basic science research maybe you did clinical science public health community based participatory all of this is good one of the rules in writing these is you never say anything negative you don’t say I did basic science I didn’t like it therefore I didn’t like clinical science there for all of this contributed to your education so you just move on you did basic science clinical public health and instead you say I sampled all of these to have an overview not I didn’t like something that’s not the way you want to do it so again. Read more articles on the topic at Robotdon.

So many students say I did research this was the title of my poster I got to go to San Antonio to a meeting think about that that tells me absolutely nothing about your preparedness for graduate school and if you just say I really want to be a scientist if you take that approach your to asking them to just believe you to take your word for it okay so what you want to do is talk about your research in such a rich manner that it demonstrates your thinking your problem-solving etc and it demonstrates these attributes you give them the data and you let them draw the conclusion not I’m very well prepared this is what I’ve done not I know how to troubleshoot show me in the way you describe your science so everybody on the admissions committee is really really smart they’re scientists give them the data let them draw your conclusion they’re not just willing to take your word without any day to convince them so how to start here is I have produced a polished cv curriculum vita or a hybrid not all of you know.

What a curriculums vita is a resume is a document that summarizes relevant job experience in education officially resumes are considered one to two pages there are summaries if you submit some resume to something you don’t get hired on basis of that summary your interview they collect more information a curriculum vita is a complete summation of your professional life okay it has no page limit and I have my freshman and my sophomores create curriculum Vedas and then what they have to do is tell me what do you want on that by the time you graduate so you’ve planned your CV with foresight not hindsight right now you may have a resume it’s going to change in parallel with your advancement through your educational system and you’re going to end up with a curriculum vita right now you may have in college you may have a section on relevant coursework something like that which you may or may not take off later ah you are going to have things maybe your freshman sophomore year that you did in high school but by your junior year all of that comes off because you will have done much more important things and high school was long in the past nine.