golf analysis

A detailed analysis of golf and its rules

The initial birth history of golf is a matter of debate. But the modern golf game started in the 15th century in Scotland. It is said that John and Elizabeth Reed made this game popular in the United States. In 276 years earlier, the honorable company of Edinburgh Golfers drafted the rules of golf.

How golf is played

3 equipment required for playing golf. These are a club, ball, and tee. A golfer plays the ball on a golf course by striking the ball with the help of a club to make it reach a whole.

The terminology of golf
golf terminology

Green: The grass surface which surrounds the hole. The hole is the place where golfers aim to put the ball here.

Putter: A flatter-edged club used for striking the shot swiftly along the green surface into the hole.

Tee: where the ball is being kept for striking the shot.

Flag: the holes are being marked on the golf course.

Fore: when a golfer shouts for alerting the others for not being hurt by the ball.

Round:  the way of playing on the course and it consists of 18 holes.  The round of golf lasts for 4 hours to play for a group which consists of 4 players.  The area of an 18hole golf course can vary and normally the area of the golf course is around 110 to 190 acres and the distance from hole to hole is around 5000 and 6000 yards.

Duff: when a golfer strikes a bad shot

Fairway: the area is between the green surface and tee. The length is usually around from 30to 50 yards.

Par: the number of strokes a golfer needs to strike for completing the one hole on a golf course. Every hole on a golf course is as par -3/4/5.

Bogey: when a player scores one over par.

Double bogey: when a golfer scores two over par

Triple bogey: when a player scores 3 over par

Over clubbing: when a player uses a club to hit the ball to a far distance than necessary

Rough:  the fairway is bordered by taller grass

Caddy: a person who advises the golfer and carries the player’s bag and clubs.

The rules associated with golf
golf rules

  • Golfers need to abide by the rules of the game. They are allowed 14 clubs in their golf bag.
  • If the player makes the mistake of playing the wrong ball, he gets a penalty.
  • Golf courses will not be changed to give an advantage to the players unless there is a specific rule for change.
  • If the golf ball of the player is in a bunker or water hazard and the player can not touch the ground or water with the help of a golf club, the player gets a penalty stroke.
  • If the flag is not being hit by the golf ball, the player gets a penalty of two strokes. If the ball is lost, there is a one-stroke penalty.
  • Players can only take advice from their caddy or their partner

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