tennis game descriptions

The detailed description of the tennis game and its rules

Tennis is a racket game that is played against a single player or double player. Every player plays with a tennis racket and rubber ball. The aim of the player is to hit the ball strategically on the opponent’s court so that the opponent cannot return the valid stroke.

Who discovered tennis

In the year of 1873, Major Walter Wingfield discovered a game. It gained popularity in the USA, China. It is believed that this game is the source of inventing tennis in the world. In terms of popularity, Australia is famous for tennis.  Tennis is played in 4 types of courts. These are grass courts, clay courts, hard courts, and artificial grass.

Grass courts: The tennis court is covered with grass. It can hardly be seen nowadays due to high maintenance costs. Wimbledon lawn tennis is played on the grass court. This court is affected by the weather compared to other courts. Here the ball bounces less in this court. For this reason, the players get more advantage while playing here.

Clay courts: these are mostly found in Europe and Latin America. Clay courts used for playing French open.  It is made of shale, bricks, and stone.  Players do not take much advantage of these clay courts for the higher bounce of the ball.

Hard courts: This kind of hard court is used in the US Open and Australian Open. It is easy to install anywhere.

Carpet: It is a removable court surface. It is made up of rubber or artificial turf. It is used for fast games.

The terminology for a tennis game

Ball: It is a yellow color, round-shaped.

Net: The net divides the court equally into two parts. The aim of the net is to hit the ball so that the ball can be reached to the opponent’s court.

The terms of the playing method
terms of tennis

Match: In professional tennis, a match depends on 3 or 5 sets.

Set: It consists of 6 games. If the players are tied at the 5 games. Then the set becomes 5 to 7 games.

Ace: When a server wins the point and the other side, the ball is not being touched by the receiver.

Fault: when the ball cannot reach the opponent’s court

Forehand: when the shot is being played by the player using his dominant hand

Backhand: When the shot is being played with the back of the dominant hand

The basic rules of tennis
basic rules of tennis

  • The ball is not being touched by the players with the racket
  • The ball cannot be hit by the players two times.
  • If the ball touches or hits the players, it is considered a penalty.
  • The player who wins the toss gets the chance to serve first. He needs to serve from a diagonal position into the service box across the court.
  • Two chances are being offered to the server for good serve.
  • The player loses points when he fails to serve two successive serves successfully.

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