A detailed description of hockey and its rules

History of hockey

Hockey is a game where two teams play strategically with a ball as an opponent by using a hockey stick. There are various types of hockey played by the players like bandy, field hockey, ice hockey.

Who invented hockey

Many believed that hockey was invented in ancient Egypt around 4000 years ago. In 1872, James Creighton was credited for playing ice hockey on a modernized version. In 1875, he organized the first indoor game of hockey officially.

How to play hockey

In infield hockey, each team consists of 11 players. In ice hockey, each of them consists of 6 players. Field hockey continues for 60 minutes with a 2-minute break after each of the 15 minutes games.

The rules of field hockeyhockey field

  • Hockey players should hit the ball with the flat portion of the hockey stick.
  • Hockey players accept goalkeepers are not permitted to use their body parts for controlling the ball.
  • A goal can only be made from a field goal, penalty corner, and penalty stroke.
  • Field hockey umpires: there are two umpires on the field of hockey. A player, who breaks the rule, is being shown the green, yellow, or card based on the offenses. A green card is being shown to the players for giving a warning not to break the rule. A yellow card is being shown to the player for sending him outside from the field for 5 minutes. The red card is being shown on a serious matter.
  • Players need to be properly prepared with shin guards, mouth guard,s and no jewelry is allowed.
  • Players can not lift the hockey stick above their waste.
  • Players can not chase the ball from behind. They need to face the opponent for the ball.
  • No third party is allowed when the ball is between only the two players. If another tries to take the ball, the situation is being called foul.

The term related to hockey
the term related to hockey

Celly:   players celebrate after scoring a goal.

Biscuit is related to the puck.

Change on the fly: When a team decides to alter a play in an ongoing game.

Deke: It is a fake move by the player to confuse the opponent.

Hat trick: when a player makes 3 goals in a game.

Point: it is an area inside the blue line of the attacking zone.  Generally, defensive players stay here.

Dribble: when players run to control the ball with the stick.

Ice hockey rules

It is the game that goes on for 60 m minutes with a 15-minute interval after the first and second periods.

Cause of delaying games

  • If the player purposefully shoots or pucks outside the playing field.
  • If the player intentionally displaces the ball from its initial position.

Terms related to ice hockey

Power plays: when one of the teams has more players than the other. Because one player is being penalized.

Equipment is  needed to play ice hockey:

hockey equipment

A helmet with a face mask is needed to play ice hockey. Shin guards, gloves, skates, goalie sticks all are needed to play this game.

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