American football

A brief overview of football and its rule

The name “football” consists of two words: foot and ball. It is a game where a team of sportsmen walk and sometimes run while playing with the opponent team. It is believed that Britain gave birth to this game. There are two types of football played on the field.

The association football, popularly known as soccer where the game is played by two teams and each team consisted of 11 players. American football is simply referred to as football. It is a team game. The game is played in the rectangular field. Each team consists of 11 players.

Who discovered the football?

Walter Camp, the father of American football is held responsible for inventing this game.

The terminology which is associated with footballterminology of football

  • Cracker: when a goal is made from a long distance.
  • Hoof: when a player intentionally kicks the ball to the opposite goal with force.
  • Howler; when a player makes a mistake that proves costly
  • Boot it; when a teammate gives the instruction of his team player to kick the ball forcefully to escape.
  • Class act: the attitude of the player or manager is praiseworthy outside the field.
  • Back heel; when the back of the feet is used for kicking the ball.
  • Ball carrier; when a player possesses the ball.
  • Foul: any unlawful way of playing
  • Dribble: the player who controls the ball while running.
  • Dummy run: when a play runs without the ball just to away the defenders from the ball carrier.
  • Red card: referee shows the red card to the player who commits a serious offense in the ongoing game. Once he is out of the game, another player never comes to replace him.

The rules associated with football
rules of football

The aim of the players is to make as many goals as possible. The game lasted for 90 minutes and the time was divided into two halves. After the first period, 15 minutes will be given to players for an interval. The football ground is 120 yards long and 75 yards wide. The field is made of grass. The ball is round-shaped and the perimeter of the ball is 58-61 cm.  Let’s discuss the rules briefly below.

  • Each game has a referee and 2 assistant referees. They work as a timekeeper. The referee can consult with the two other assistant referees regarding decision-making.
  • If the ball is being stopped by an external object, the goal is not considered.
  • Goalkeepers need to release the ball after holding the ball for 6 seconds.
  • All teams must take 5 players on the field.
  • Goalkeepers cannot leave the goal circle
  • The goalkeeper cannot pick up the ball if it is reached by his teammate.
  • If the player spits or kicks the opponent or pushes or holds the player, it is considered a foul.
  • If any player tries to control the ball with the help of his hands, it is also considered a foul.

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