some words about badminton

Some words about badminton rules and regulations

Badminton is about playing with shuttlecocks and rackets. At first, this game was played in the year 1873 in England. Before that, in 1860, the British army officers played this game in India. The first all England badminton championships for men were arranged in 1899 unofficially. It was believed that this game originated in Pune, India.

The invention of rules of badminton
badminton rules

The Badminton World Federation made all the rules. Let’s start the discussion regarding the rules associated with this game.

This game is played by a single player (singles) or a pair of players (doubles).

One cannot choose his side according to his wish. According to basic badminton rules, when one player scores even, he is in the right service court. Similarly, if the servers score odd initially, he is on the left side.

The main weapons used for the playing game, are feathered cock and racket. The player has to hit the rubber part of the feather.

The term “serve” used for starting each game by hitting the cock.Overarm serve is not accepted according to the rule. Underarm serve is accepted by the rules.

The game always starts with a toss. The winner can get the chance of serving first.

It is essential to know for the players that if the shuttlecock even touches the net, the player will be disqualified. The score point goes in favor of the opponent player.

The player’s feet should never get touched in the white line border around the player.

The term foul play is associated with badminton. The meaning is that if the player’s cock touches the ground or if one can hit the cock two times from the same court, it is said foul play.

If any player breaks the rules, the referee has the right to dock out the player’s score or the player from the game.

Bullying the opponent player for discouraging him goes strictly against the rules. The winner needs to score 2 out of 3 to win the game. After winning each rally, the winner gets an extra point.

In badminton doubles, the rules and regulations, the players or teams can change their sides on the court after the ending first game, the second game of the ongoing third game when the player scores a total of 11 runs. A one-minute interval between every game is permissible.

If during the service if the player misses the cock, it is not considered as a fault.


  • Besides serving, smash, clear, drive, drop shot, the net is legal in the badminton rules.  smash is when a player is in an attacking mood and tries to give less time to his opponent.
  • Drive: the aim of the player is to make the opponent players unable to react and the opponent tries to avoid this kind of shot.
  • Clear shot: When the player gives the shot for letting the shuttlecock fly in the high and come to the opponent’s backcourt.
  • Drop: when the player aims to send the cock just over the net


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