History of basketball and its rules

It is believed that the history of basketball started in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts by a Canadian James Naismith. It is a team game which consists of two teams with 5 players. The game is played on a rectangular court. The main objective is to shoot the basketball via the defender’s hoop.

The five players in each team place them in 5 different positions. The tallest player is in the center position, the second tallest and strongest player is in the power forward position. The shortest players are at the shooting guard position or point guard position. The comparatively shorter player than other players is in the small forward position.

The rules and regulations which are associated with basketball

  • The ball is being thrown in any direction with single or both hands.
  • A player is not being permitted to run with the ball. 
  • The duration of the game is 48 minutes.
  • There is a 2-minute intermission in between the 1st and 2nd period and also between the 3rd and 4th period with 15 minutes for halftime.
  • When the referee blows the whistle, the game ends. 
  • The area of the basketball is 91.86 ft x 49.2 ftx22.96ft. The total area of professional basketball is 420 mt square. By adding 2.05 m run odd and 2 mt for teams and officials, it becomes a 677.31-meter square.
  • Players should take their hand on the top of the ball while dribbling. If the player’s hand is in the bottom of the ball and he continues to dribble the ball goes on the opponent team.
  • Kicking or hitting the ball with a fist is not allowed by the basketball player.

Terminology of basketballs

terminology of basketball

Bench: It is a substitute for basketball players.

Backboard: The rectangular piece which is made of woods or fiberglass where the trim attaches to.

Defense: It is the movement of preventing the offense from getting scored without the ball.

Dunk; when the player is near to the basket jumps and throws the ball into it with force.   

Offense: the team who possess the basketball.

The end line is the boundary line that lies in each basket. It is also referred to as a baseline.

Double team: when two basketball players on the same team put an effort jointly to guard an opponent.

Traveling: when the player who handles the ball takes many steps without dribbling. This is also referred to as walking.

Assist: a pass given to another basketball player to make the ball in the basket.

The violation of basketball game rule

If any player breaks the rule, the referee can solve the matter. 

  • Holding the rim, net, backboard for giving yourself advantage
  • If players kick the ball purposefully or not
  • Hitting the ball with the fist
  • Eight-second violation: when the player can’t cross the half-court eight seconds after inbounding the ball.
  • If the player leaves the court during the ongoing game.
  • Traveling: when the player takes more than two steps without dribbling the ball.

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