rugby rules

The detailed analysis of rugby sport and its rules

It is believed that in the year 1823, in England, in Rugby school, William Webb Ellis discovered this game. There are two types of rugby played in the world. One is rugby league and another is rugby union. The rugby sport which is played for the world cup is called rugby union.

It is a game of two 40 minute halves. Half time must be kept for players resting. The Rugby game consists of 15 players in each of the two teams. The players play with an oval-shaped ball on a rectangular field. The game is all about running with the ball in both hands and kicking the ball.

The players can only throw the ball and handoff back when the ball is carried on. The 3 equipment rugby ball, rugby boots, and scrum caps are all needed for playing the game. The length of the rugby field is around 94-100 m length and 68-70 m in breadth.

The terms related to rugby sport



Scrum: 8 players come close together with head down for possession of the ball for restarting the game after a minor infringement.

Ruck: one or several players from two teams come close around the ball on the field and their legs are in contact. Once it happens, they cannot use their hand to get the ball.

Ball carrier: the player who possesses the ball

Foul play: if any player does something which is unconstitutional like unfair play, dangerous play

Teammate: another member player of the same team

Temporarily suspended: if a player is excluded from the match for 10 minutes

Redcard is being shown to the player by the referee for the permanent exclusion of the game

Punt: if a player deliberately drops the ball and kicks the ball before touching the ground

Dead: when the referee blows the whistle to stop the game

Pass: When a player throws the ball or hand over the ball to the other player

Place-kick; when the player kicks the ball after the ball is kept in the field

Sin Bin: a specified place for debarred players outside the playing area

The rules of a rugby game

rugby rules
  • The rugby game has no stoppage time and it continues until it is 80 minutes
  • The game has one referee and two touch judges. The job of the referee is to maintain order on the field and make decisions. The referee is assisted by two touch judges.
  • Rugby players are not allowed to push, hold opponent players
  • Each team can play with the 15 players and among them, 8 players are from the forwarding position and 7 are from the back position
  • 5 points are given to a ‘try’. When a player keeps the ball on the opponent’s dead area
  • A penalty kick gives 3 points to a team when the opponent break any rule
  • The rugby surface area should be safe for playing the game. It can be sand, grass, or artificial grass.

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