volleyball history

History of volleyball and its rules

Volleyball is a team game where two teams play each other. Each of the teams consists of 6 players. A net is used for separating the two teams. The object of every team is to earn points by hitting the ball in the forward direction over a high net to touch the opponent’s ground before they return the ball.

Generally, the duration of the volleyball game is 60 to 90 minutes and the area of the volleyball playing court is 18meter length x 9 meters in breadth. William G. Morgan discovered the game in the year 1895 in Holyoke in Massachusetts. In the year of 1964, volleyball became a part of the summer Olympics.

The terminology associated with this game

volleyball terminology

  • Joust: when the player from the opponent team plays the ball  simultaneously
  • Freeball: when a player hits the ball over the net to their opponents using forearms. It is one of the easiest ways to play for the defensive team
  • Rally: when a ball is used in playing the game
  • Off: when the player send the ball  more than 5 ft distance over the net
  • Short: when a player sends the ball over the net before the opponent player
  • Serve: the first hit by the player to the ball is called serve.
  • Tight: when the player sends the ball nearest position of the net
  • Time out: a coach or player or referee calls a stoppage for several reasons.  Generally, the length of the time out is 60 seconds.
  • Tip; when a player applies a soft hit attack to send the ball over the net
  • Strongside; since most of the players are right-handed, the player finds it easier to attack from the left side of the court to right-handed players.
  • Weakside: the right side of the court. The right-handed players find it difficult to attack the opponent.
  • Ace: the player while serving the ball to the opponent’s court but the opponent cannot return the serve back, the server gets a point.
  • Five –one: in volleyball format, among 6 players, there is only one main setter and the rest of them are attack players.

The rules associated with volleyball
volleyball rules

  • Among the 6 players, three players are in the front row position and the remaining 3 are in the back row position.
  • Players cannot hit the ball two times successively
  • It is legal if the ball comes in contact with player’s body part
  • Catching or holding or throwing the ball is not legal
  • Maximum 3 hits on each side are allowed in this game.
  • A player can not attack or block the services within the 10-foot line.

When a player violates the rule:

  • If the player fails to serve the ball over the net
  • Of the player touches the net by his any part of the body while the game is on
  • When the player enters the service line while serving or touches the ball

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