history of cricket

History of cricket and its rules and regulations

One of the most famous games in world cricket took birth in England in the 18th century.  Its popularity had expanded over the globe in the 19th and 20th centuries. When we talk about cricket and its popularity, we should discuss the rules and regulations associated with this game.

At first, the code laws of cricket mentioned the rules of cricket all over the world. Initially, in 1744 the oldest code was drafted and later the Marylebone cricket club maintained the custody of this oldest code since 1788.

Some words regarding cricket rules

cricket rules

At present, there are 42 Laws in the cricket game which guide how to play the game. Cricket is the game played with bat and ball in a big stadium or field. The basic rule of this game is that the game consists of 11 players on 2 teams.  When one team takes a turn on batting, others will do bowling.

This game aims to score as much as possible against the opponent team. In this game, besides 11 players in each team, reserve players are being kept. These reserve players are being called the twelfth man. They play when the players in the team are being injured or face any difficulty while playing.

The team players are free to return to the game after recovering from their injury. The two umpires are being kept in the ongoing game and the third umpire must take the video decisions. Bowlers can bowl 6 balls in one over but before 1979 it was only 4 balls in each over.

Structure of the cricket game

Test cricket is a long-time game and its period time is over two innings. It’s limitless innings until one team can out all the players of the opponent. The length of this game is 5 days. But in one-day cricket or T20 cricket, there is a certain amount of overs for each team. Every team aims to score maximum runs in a fixed amount of overs. Bowlers cannot bowl in successive two over.

The terms related to cricket


Leg before wicket (LBW): When a player obstructs a ball from hitting his stumps by his pads, he is declared out

Dolly: when a fielder takes a catch very easily.

Golden duck: When a bowler can out the batsman in the first ball

Silly: when a fielder is in a position that is very near to the batsman.

Maiden: when a bowler can waste an over a batsman for not giving any chance to score even one run.

Appeal: When a bowler shouts in front of the umpire thinking ha can out the batsman

The bowlers who are nominated: each player on the fielding side can bowl following this rule. Each of the two bowlers can bowl three overs. Each of the three bowlers can do it for 2 overs and each of the two bowlers can bowl a single over.

No ball: If the bowler bowls from the wrong side which is very dangerous for the player r of the ball bounces more than two times before coming to the batsman.

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