kabaddi pro

History of pro kabaddi with rules

  • There were two teams playing the game. Each of the teams consists of 7 players.
  • A player makes an attempt to touch his opponent by uttering the word ”kabaddi kabaddi” repeatedly.
  • Each player needs to surpass the balkline during tvhe raid.
  • The team who wins the race gets the scope to choose raid or court.
  • A player is considered as out if outside of the court is being touched by any parts of the body. During struggling, if the body of the player is contacted with any parts of the field, he is being declared as out.
    pro kabaddi rules
  • If a player who comes for a raid, is being held by several defenders, and if he manages to get away from their holding, and is able to reach his half playfield safely. He is no longer in the game. But if he manages to touch his defenders and can return his field safely, he can pursue the game.
  • The field of play is the area that is covered by playing mats. The length of it is 17meters x18 meters (minimum) and the maximum is 20meter x30 meters.
  • Each team will get one point for every opponent out or put out. The team scores all out will be added with 2 extra points. If the raider is able to manage the bonus line in a raid, he will be awarded an extra point. But if there are 6 or 7 players in the defending position, only the bonus line works.
kabaddi put out
  • If any team is able to tag out all of the players of the opponent, the team will get 2 extra points.
  • Super tackle or catch: if the defending team is able to catch the raider with the help of fewer than 4 defenders, the defending team scores an extra point.
  • Empty raid: when a raider will have to return to his own playfield without earning any point.
  • Green sleeve: the raider who gets the top position after earning points at each match. Saffron sleeve: The defender gets the top position by defending in each game.
  • The referee will conduct a fair toss. The team which wins the toss will get the scope for the raid. This is called the Golden raid.
  • The highest scorer is being declared as a winner. If the match comes in tie position, an extra 7 minutes will be given to the players. The time is divided among the 2 parts equally.  1 minute is left for break.
  • No player is allowed to catch the clothes of the player.
  • Abusive language is not allowed in this game.
  • Players can use the lobby area only for struggle periods.
  • The pro kabaddi league came to India recently in the year 2014. There are 12 teams participating in this game. These are Dabang DelhiK.C,  Bengal Warriors, U.P.Yoddha, U Mumba,  Haryana Steelers, Bengaluru Bulls, Jaipur Pink Panthers, Patna Pirates, Telugu titans, Puneri Paltan, TamilThalaivas, Gujarat fortune giants. This league was influenced after the Asian games became popular in 2006. Pro kabaddi game follows the style of IPL.


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