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What should you know about Kabaddi?

Kabaddi is one of the second most famous sport in this world after cricket, which provides game lovers to get an opportunity to show their power and fighting skills. Men and women both are playing it, and it is very popular in Haryana, where people wait for taking part in it. Some people love to bet on this sport as it allows them to earn huge profits and grab some crucial details. You might know that every sport present in this world has some rules and regulations, and similarly, kabaddi also has rules which make players stay within the limit and play the match. Kabaddi rules help players stay safe and secure from their opponent’s team as this sport includes a fight, which sometimes leads to massive disputes. If you are a kabaddi lover, you must be aware of all the rules involved in it to have better gameplay.
Most people are not aware of this sport’s rules, which makes them face problems at the time of playing or betting. If you prefer to play kabaddi or prefer to bet in both cases, you need to know it properly. The people who don’t know about it can lead them to suffer huge losses and make them lose the bet.

Rules of Kabaddi

  1. Number of Players – The people who get involved in kabaddi must know about all the kabaddi rules, as it will help them stay safe from all the misfortunes that may occur. Always remember that each team cannot consist of more than 12 players, and only 7 players can go in the ground for initiating the match. When any player gets injured or feels low, they can exchange the player from the rest 5 sitting aside.
  2. Number of Officials – There are six officials present in the kabaddi after each team who take care of the players of their team. The six officials include a scorer, a referee, two umpires, and two assistant scorers, which helps to look after their teams if any misfortune takes place. You must know about the total number of players and officials so that you should be aware of all the things if you opt for playing this sport.
  3. Duration of the Match – The duration of playing a kabaddi match is 20 minutes, including a break of 5 minutes, which allows the players to shows their skill in a total of 15 minutes. It helps the players better experience the game with all the fights and disputes everything in just 15 minutes. It would be great to consider this rule strictly; otherwise, you will face problems after the time gets over.
  4. Coin Toss – Coin toss is one of the most important kabaddi rules, helping the players get a chance to play first. The team wins the toss to decide whether they will have the first raid or not and decide accordingly. When the first team completes their halftime, then another team will go first for the raid and give their best in the next halftime. You should learn this rule properly so that it will help you to take care of your turn.
  5. Tip to Win a Point – If you want to win a point, then you must take a breath and directly enters the opponent’s team and tag one or more players to their team. It will help you touch one of the other team players and run back to your team. Having a point is one of the major tips that enable you to move close to your win and become a reputed team. Once you understand this tip, then you can easily win the match.
  6. Yell Repeatedly Kabaddi – The team that goes for raid must yell the word “Kabaddi” repeatedly, and once they stop saying it, the player will move close to his failure. The word has huge importance and needs to be taken as one of the major parts of the sport so that you can use it to win the match. You must keep on yelling this word if you want to stay for the long run in your fight with the opponent team. kabaddi rules
After paying attention to all the above points, you can understand some of the major kabaddi rules and also get a chance to learn kabaddi by reading the above info. It will be great if you will consider the above rules properly as it will help you know about the game and other major elements of the game. A proper understanding of the sport can help you understand how you can win the match and how you can stay for the long term in the match.

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